6 great things to do in Lan Ha bay

A beach vacation on Lan Ha bay (xomnhiepanh.com)

Lan Ha is an ideal place for those who want to have a vacation on the beach combining with several adventurous activities. Let’s explore the bay with us.

Sleeping on an overnight cruise

In addition to swimming or visiting the famous places in Lan Ha bay, the experience of exploring the sea and spending the night on a cruise with the best services will be an unforgettable memory for tourists in the bay. The price range of cruise services in Lan Ha is diverse from low, medium to high so that visitors will have several advantageous options. La Pinta cruise is a new and luxurious one providing a cruise tour in Lan Ha bay, which is preferred by many tourists from both Vietnam and foreign countries by the satisfaction and convenience it brings about.

A charming beauty viewed from La Pinta cruise sundeck (flickr.com)

La Pinta Lan Ha bay cruise offered a number of luxury cabins equipped with the full-size window and the delicate, charming furnitures that meet all the needs of guests, even the most fastidious ones. With the private balcony in each cabin, what could be more amazing than relaxing beside a cup of coffee while admiring the stunning natural view of the bay. La Pinta also has many activities on the boat for travelers such as the cooking course, squid fishing, barbecue, etc.

Diving in beautiful beaches

Lan Ha bay has total 139 sandy beaches of the unspoiled nature and incredible dreaming. There are plenty of ideal beaches here for visitors who wish to swim in the summer. Tourists can go to the two most popular islands in Lan Ha bay which are Nam Cat island (Cat Ba National Park) and Monkey island to bathe. The beaches here are very quiet, pristine but still gorgeous with the green color as the emerald. The sea water is extremely clear, so visitors can dive with the diving gears such as swim fins, diving mask, or breathing tube (snorkeling) to see the charming colorful coral reefs here.

In addition, there are many other choices for travelers to immerse in the sea water such as the beautiful Cat Co beaches, Van Boi beach, Van Ha beach, or the quiet water areas like Sen island, Cu island, etc. On those beaches, tourists also have a chance to join the picnic or water sports such as beach volleyball and beach football.

Climbing on the majestic mountains

Conquer the majestic Lan Ha bay (catbaisland.org)

There are dozens of rock climbing points on the islands of Lan Ha bay and around the Cat Ba area, creating a highlight for this tourist spot with the high cliffs, challenging those who love this adventure sport. The typical spots are Tiger beach, Moody beach, Pirate’s Belly, Fish cave, Tien Ong island, and But island. Especially, Tien Ong island located in Lan Ha bay has a small cave, and the rest are cliffs with large stalactites.

Tourists should prepare for a good health and psychology, especially should contact the travel agencies or tour guide to have climbing equipment, tools, and advice of experts before climbing mountains in Lan Ha. With a Lan Ha bay climbing tour, visitors will be guided the techniques and necessary climbing equipment to ensure the safety of the body as well as enjoy the best experience.

Eating the fresh seafood

Grilled geoduck is the Lan Ha specialty that tourists should try (thegioihaisan.vn)

In this Lan Ha bay travel guide, we recommend a variety of fresh and delicious seafood you should not miss such as sea crabs, geoducks, horseshoe crabs, lobster, sea snakes, etc, in which the most attractive in here are the grilled horseshoe crabs, grilled lobster with the egg sauce, salted roasted crab, etc.

Kayaking through the caves

Kayaking is suitable for those who have the hobbies of water sports. Kayaking in Lan Ha, tourists will have a chance to explore every beautiful corner of the bay. Lan Ha bay has about 400 islets in all shapes and sizes. Hidden in the majestic limestone mountains are the charming caves that visitors will not want to miss such as Luon cave. Through kayaking, the tourist will share the moment floating on the cool and clear sea water with their partner and admiring the natural landscape here. This activity is very ideal for the adventurous young people, or those who want to have a new experience on a sea vacation.

Biking in fishing villages

Biking in Viet Hai fishing village (flickr.com)

Cua Van fishing village is a must-see attraction. It is the most beautiful village in this place with the charming natural scenery attracting many tourists. In here, they also can engage in many activities like sitting on the boat, listening to people here tell stories, or kayaking to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Moreover, visitors can experience many exciting activities like biking in Viet Hai fishing village which is situated in Cat Ba National Forest, or fishing squid at night in Cai Beo floating village located near Beo wharf, Cat Ba town. Going to Lan Ha bay, they can try to live slowly down to hear the rhythm of life of the idyllic, ordinary people.

With the Lan Ha bay guidance we have recommended above, hope you will have a wonderful trip in Vietnam with your friends and family. Please like and share if this is helpful for you. Thank you.