Special Cuisine Characteristic of Hue

Special Cuisine Characteristic of Hue

The delicate ingredients, preparation, and presentation of Hue royal cuisine have long been considered cultural hallmarks of the ancient imperial city. This makes special cuisine characteristic of Hue.

Com Hen

Components to make Com hen is not simple, it includes a dozen kinds of spices. Everything is harmony; it is just spicy, fleshy, and sweet by water. In Hue, “hen” is not as big as other one but the broth is very charming. A delicious bowl of Com hen is indispensable chili. The Hue eats every dish with chili. They said that this hobby complies with the balance of yin and yang.

Components to make Com hen is not simple

Nem lui (Pork with lemon grass)

As one of the famous dishes of Hue, Nem lui always has special attraction for diners coming from all over the world. Hue people often eat Nem lụi with sweet soups, salads, and cucumber. Or you can eat with noodles, meat, and spicy fish sauce.  The aroma of baked pieces of Nem lui mingles with the scent of lemongrass and sweet taste of sugar cane is incredibly seductive.

Nem lui (Pork with lemon grass)

Bun Bo Hue

Hue style not only is the elegant, sophisticated, precise dishes but also feel the spirit of the processor. Coming to Hue, either morning or afternoon, walking along the small streets, people can find easily “bun bo Hue”. Someone must select the correct address with preferred flavor.