Popular Bars in Sapa


Sapa is mainly included in itineraries to get in touch with nature, explore hillside culture and eat local food. However mellow and tame though, Sapa does have a good nightlife gem here and there, mainly catering to the backpacker crowd the city has seen a recent surge in. Here is a list of our favorite go-to bars in Sapa.

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Café in the Clouds

At the lower end of Fansipan street sits Café in my Butts. Don’t be fooled by the use of ‘café’ in the name – this joint is a café, restaurant and bar, all in one. The large terrace of this bar opens to the beautiful valley down below and is a great backdrop to share a beer with your friends. There is a tasty Western and Asian menu of fast foods to go with.

Address: Fansipan 60, Sapa, Vietnam

The H’Mong Sisters

The H’Mong Sisters via TripNow.vn

This top-rated bar is a favorite among travelers in Sapa. Spacious, with wooden décor, awesome music, delicious food, a nice list of drinks and a friendly staff, The H’Mong Sisters checks off every requirement. A great place to end the night by playing a few rounds of pool or just sit by the open fire and reminisce about the few days you’ve had in Sapa so far over a drink.

Address: Muong Hoa 31, Sapa, Vietnam

Mountain Bar and Pub

Another favorite among locals and tourists, this pub offers great cocktails, a wide array of beers and fun games to start the night. There is an open fire inside which is especially good news during the freezing cold nights of Sapa. Try the warm apple wine and some shisha to go with, or if you are not a fan of alcoholic drinks, order yourself some egg coffee.

Address: Muong Hoa Road 02, Sapa, Vietnam

Color Bar

Owned by a Hanoi artist, Color Bar resembles a bit of a rundown shack. On the inside are relaxing couches to lounge about in and smoke some shisha. The mud, stone and timber décor along with the paintings and reggae music create an intimate atmosphere, and the wine list is to die for. Try the Sapa apple wine or the banana version. If you don’t know what to order, ask the staff for recommendations. They won’t disappoint.

Address: Fansipang Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa Spider Bar via travelplugged

Sapa Spider Bar

Go in for one drink but stay for a few rounds. Sapa Spider Bar is perfect to spend a few hours in – the interior is funky, there is live music, a good ambience, and a fine menu of food and drinks.  Your food will be served in generous portions which makes Sapa Spider Bar great value for the money. Shisha is available here too. Open 24 hours!

Address: Thach Son Sapa, Vietnam

Luckydaisy’s Bamboo Bar

Finishing off this list is Bamboo Bar, the biggest bar in Sapa. It is located in Ta Van Village, popular among hikers. What’s special about Bamboo Bar is that you can catch special dancing and musical performances by the ethnic minorities in the region. Set menus arrive course by course which include meats, vegetables, rice, fruits, drinks and dessert. On rainy days it’s particularly nice to enjoy a hot chocolate by the window. The best part is that it is open all day long, 7 days a week!

Address: Giang Ta Chai Sapa, Vietnam

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